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History[ edit ] First steps — [ edit ] In Neptūnas won the Žalgiris friendship championship and next year with the same roster became runners-up. Since there have been many changes in the team: coaches and players left the team and were replaced with new team members, so the team did not achieve better results.

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In Klaipėda's community decided to change the team from its foundations based on people from Klaipėda and the Samogitia region, who also finished studies in the cities of Vilnius and Neptūno namų darbas.

There juve token binance young and prospective players, whose energy helped to reach better neptūno namų darbas in a period of two years, including 3rd place in Lithuanian Spartakiada; in and they became runners-up of newspaper Sport's championship, and also in they became champions of the Soviet Union Professional Bitcoin prekybos patarimai pagrindinės championship.

Neptūnas was among that eight. This association would soon announce their basketball league that would start in the upcoming fall. With Svajūnas Airošius, Aloyzas Vasiliūnas, and Artūras Jakubauskas averaging double-digits in points and Eurelijus Žukauskas often adding solid double-doublesthe team qualified into the LKL playoffs for the first time with 17 victories as the 7th seed.

Another Neptūnas leader Artūras Jakubauskas left the team as well. Following the loss of two neptūno namų darbas leaders, the team failed to compete with the same form during usidirbti pinig bitkoinu — LKL season. Neptūnas finished as the 8th seed during the regular season with a 6—12 record, but after an unsuccessful second round they finished just 9th among 10 teams.

They were stopped at that stage by Darüşşafakalosing the series 0—2. They were eliminated by BC Šiauliai yet again, this time 1—2. They were drawn into the group H, finished with just a 1—5 record, and after taking the 3rd spot in the group did not advance further. Tomas Delininkaitisa two-time medalist with the Lithuania national teamstarted his career in Neptūnas.

After the — season, Neptūnas became a constant LKL playoffs participant, though at first they were unable to overcome the quarter-finals barrier. During it, Neptūnas finished 4th during the regular LKL season and advanced to the TOP 5 teams of the league group, however Neptūnas was once again eliminated by BC Šiauliai in the knockout stage 1—2 and finished 5th in the final rankings.

Furthermore, neptūno namų darbas also finally sailed through the quarter-final stage of the LKL playoffs by overcoming the Nevėžis Kėdainiai 2—0.

But Neptūnas' journey was again stopped by Lietuvos rytas at semi-finals 0—2, and Neptūnas qualified for their first historical LKL bronze final.

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The aspiration for the first-ever LKL medal was crushed by gallingly losing the series 0—3 to BC Šiauliai, with two home games being lost by just three and two points. However that season the team did not have much luck on the court. They ended up 5th during the regular LKL season and were once more eliminated in the quarter-final, this time by BC Alytus 1—2. This was the club's worst and the last appearance in the elite division of the league. The first part of prekybos strategijos slenkamasis vidurkis — LKL season finished almost identically when the club finished as the 5th seed, however the playoffs were drastically different.

And after losing the semi-final to Žalgiris 0—2, Neptūnas returned to the bronze final for another try where they yet again faced a long-term rival BC Šiauliai. Despite the militant efforts and the thirst for a long-awaited revenge, the series was lost 2—3 following another dramatic defeat of 73—80 in Šiauliaiwith Valdas Vasylius and Arvydas Eitutavičius scoring more than half of the team's points Historical victories and achievements — naujas dvejetainių parinkčių robotas edit ] —13 season: VTB United League debut[ edit ] "It is sweet.

Especially because of the way we achieved it. We were a young, talented, ambitious, but inconsistent team. Prienai ruined our feast in Klaipėda, so now we ruined their feast in Prienai. Prienai kindled hell at home, but we haven't heard it. We were pumped for basketball and it did not affect us. Despite a powerful opponent Neptūno namų darbas won two quarters by one point 23—22, 14—13however it was not enough to win the game as Neptūnas lost 72— Despite poor results in the VTB League, where they finished with a neptūno namų darbas 3—15 record, Neptūnas recovered in the LKL, thanks to very solid play from leader Deividas Gailiusfinishing 3rd and winning the bronze medals for the first time in club history, in a competitive series against BC Prienaiwinning 3—2.


I think the fans were satisfied with the final series. Neptūnas also won the semi-finals against Prienai TonyBet with a result of and qualified to the LKL finals for the first time in club history. Despite two former victories during the regular season, basketball experts were widely neptūno namų darbas that Neptūnas could win any games there.

In the second-tier European league EuroCup Neptūnas won four games out of ten and after taking fifth place of sixth in the group did not qualify into the second stage. Neptūnas also participated in VTB United Leaguehowever there, after winning five of eighteen games, Neptūnas did not qualify into the playoffs and took eighth place out of ten in the group.

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Mustafa Shakurone of Neptūnas's leaders in the —15 season Before their debut in the EuroLeague, Neptūnas recalled former team leader Deividas Gailius. However, Anisimovas left the team shortly afterward neptūno namų darbas debuting in the EuroLeague due to the military crisis in Ukraine.

On October 15,Neptūnas played their first EuroLeague game against the Laboral Kutxawhich they lost 69—88 despite playing more than two quarters point-to-point. On October 31,Neptūnas lost their third EuroLeague game only after OT 81—85 against one of the strongest tournament teams, Olympiacos Piraeustwo times EuroLeague champion over the past three years.

It was just one step from the TOP16's qualifier Galatasaraywho also finished with a 4—10 record. As a result, Neptūnas was transferred to the EuroCup Last 32 stage. The EuroCup was just a terrible place for Neptūnas.

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There they won only once against Paris-Levallois Basketsuffered five defeats and took last place in the group. A promising season in international competitions was finished painfully. They surprisingly lost the quarter-finals game to Šiauliai 71—73 and ended the appearance in competition early. They defeated the Lithuanian powerhouse twice in two weeks: 67—65 in Klaipeda [61] neptūno namų darbas 90—86 in Kaunas. But they took only the third spot during the regular season due to the unfavorable results versus Lietuvos rytas.

Neptūnas defeated Dzūkija with the series result of 3—1, losing only once in Alytus 56— Despite holding up close to the opponents the whole game, Neptūnas lost during the final minutes 88—79 in Vilnius.

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But Neptūnas lost another thriller 96—89 two days later in Vilnius and ended up on the edge of the precipice. And then Neptūnas suffered the biggest fiasco of the season. They shockingly lost to Juventus in the LKL bronze medals series 2—3, including an embarrassing defeat in the neptūno namų darbas game 69—84 in the home arena. Following the lost LKL semi-final and the bronze final last season, Neptūnas did not automatically qualify into the EuroCup. But on June 29,they received the wild card to the tournament.

Krasta Auto authorized BMW dealer in Lithuania became one of the club sponsors, giving brand-new cars for the club members. Past Lithuania men's national basketball team head coach Kęstutis KemzūraOlympic champion Valdemaras ChomičiusLithuania national team head coach assistant Darius Maskoliūnas and Gediminas Petrauskas were other solid candidates to replace Kazys Maksvytis.

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Vytautas Šarakauskas and Simas Galdikas stayed with Neptūnas as well, both signing two-year contracts with the club. But afterwards the team began showing a very solid form.

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They won 6 of 7 games, including the noteworthy away games victories versus the BC Nizhny Novgorod 78—82 and Galatasaray S.

During the last match of the regular season versus the AEKNeptūnas was even able to guarantee the first place in the group, but after dissipating a point advantage in the third quarter, lost it 75—71 and finished second. Salute to ALL the fans and people of Klaipėda, thank you very much for your neptūno namų darbas and generosity! Special thanks to my teammates, none of this was possible without the commitment we had for each other.

And if our paths never cross again, I'd like to say it's been a pleasure. The team easily overcame BC Šiauliai 96—58 at the quarter-final, but was powerfully stopped at the semi-final by the upcoming champions Lietuvos rytas Vilnius 97— Švyturys Arena had the most spectators in the LKL for a second straight dvejetainis pasirinkimas robotas pro licencijos raktas, this time with 3, per game.

While the Klimavičius departure was not as significant, team star and neptūno namų darbas Jimmy Baron signed with BC Lietuvos rytas in February, shocking both the team and its fans. On February 10, just one day after Baron's departure, the team released Drew and Johnson, after reported discipline violations.

Club director and longtime former player Osvaldas Kurauskas was fired as well. The neptūno namų darbas affected the team, who were easily defeated in the first round of the King Mindaugas Cup by BC Žalgiris However, by the end of February, good news struck the team - Daniel Ewing returned to Neptūnas from Israel, replacing Larry Drew at the point guard position, and Neptūnas also signed Chris Lofton to a deal, to replace Jimmy Baron.

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The changes did not help the team in the Champions League, ending with a loss on aggregate to MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg in the quarterfinals away and home. While the season was over in the Champions League, Neptūnas went on a win streak in the LKL, climbing up the standings.

They finished the regular season in fourth seed with 21 victories and 15 defeats balance. Both teams successfully defended their home courts with Neptūnas losing the opening game on May 29, in Vilnius 79—60, but winning 83—70 on June 1 in Klaipėda. BC - Neptūnas also picked up home wins over Lietuvos rytas Vilnius and Lietkabelis Panevėžysand moved up to 2nd place neptūno namų darbas the LKL standings. However, financial problems surfaced - Neptūnas was badly beaten in the Champions League by defending league champion Iberostar Tenerifeand lost team leaders Mindaugas Girdžiūnas and Arnas Butkevičiuswho left the team to sign with Lietuvos rytas.

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Sigitas Ambrazevičius became the new team owner. After some more bad news - Palacios leaving for Beşiktaş J. In the second round of the Champions League, Neptūnas struggled - they lost to Élan Chalonbut won the away game against Ventspils Neptūnas had won at home in the first round.

Neptūnas suffered neptūno namų darbas first loss of the season at home against MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg Neptūnas lost the neptūno namų darbas round away game In an away game against Gaziantep, Neptūnas were down by double digits for most of the game - but managed to force overtime, and lost after coach Maksvytis got ejected.

After a dominating home win against Betaland Capo d'OrlandoNeptūnas lost the final two games of the regular season against P. Neptūnas finished the regular season with a 7—7 record, but made the playoffs.

BC Neptūnas

On February 13, Neptūnas suffered one of the most embarrassing losses of the season, losing to BC Dzūkija in the quarterfinals of the King Mindaugas Neptūno namų darbas. The loss was especially painful, because the final four of the tournament was held in Klaipėda. In the Champions League playoffs, Neptūnas suffered another heartbreak, losing the SIG Basket on aggregatewinning the first match at homebut losing a thriller at Strasbourg in overtime, McKay, however, neptūno namų darbas poorly and was released in May.

Neptūnas finished 3rd in the regular season in the LKL, and defeated BC Pieno žvaigždės in the quarterfinals, including a dominating win in the deciding game four in Pasvalys. Neptūnas faced rival BC Lietuvos rytas in the semifinal.

After winning the first game in Vilnius and taking the series lead, Neptūnas had one of the worst shooting opcionų prekybos akcijos nse of all time, losing in Klaipėda, with Rytas tying the series Rytas then won the third game in Vilniusand took a lead in the series.

In the decisive fifth game in Vilnius, Neptūnas lost a close gameand lost the series In the series for 3rd place, Neptūnas faced previous year's finalist, BC Lietkabelis. Having home court advantage, Neptūnas started the series with an embarrassing loss - Lietkabelis had led by 29 points at one point and only when young players like Matas Jucikas and Laurynas Beliauskas were in, did Neptūnas cut the deficit.

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Down in the series, Neptūnas was down for much of the game in Panevėžys, including an point deficit in the 2nd quarter, before coming from behind and winning the gameafter a last second layup by Seibutis.

The series was tied In the third game at home, Neptūnas took the lead in the first quarter and never looked back, winning and taking a series lead. In the fourth game in Panevėžys, Neptūnas started slowly, but led by Želionis, who scored 27 points in the game, Delininkaitis and Johnson, took the lead by half-time, neptūno namų darbas went on to win the gamewinning the series and winning the bronze medals for the second time in club history.

After all the turmoil all season long, the win helped the team finish the season on a high. After the season ended, Neptūnas entered the off-season with uncertainty. Coach Maksvytis remained with the team, and all the chaos with the management was sorted out. Neptūnas then signed back Jerai Grantwho returned after a one-year absence, at center. Žalgiris loaned Neptūnas Gytis Masiulisone of the team's top prospects, to get more playing time.

Kyle Weaver signed with Neptūnas in August. Neptūnas showed a lot of promise during the pre-season, winning a couple of tournaments.

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On January 14,Deividas Gailius returned to Neptūnas, signing for the rest of the season. On April 4,Weaver was released by Neptūnas.

The seven game win streak ended on November 18, in a home defeat against BC Rytas,also losing the 1st place in the standings to Žalgiris. Neptūnas recovered from the loss by crushing rival BC Lietkabelis in Panevėžys, tying Rytas for second place in the standings. On January 6, the first game of the new year, Neptūnas shocked Žalgiris again, this time winning a double overtime thriller at home, This win helped Neptūnas retain the second place over Rytas in the standings.

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