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TheOnlyName Prieš 2 mėnesius So I've been meaning to make this comment for a while, since I already am extremely knowledgeable about Tesla, I did not learn as much from this video as I had hoped. I did know that there's a Roadster with a manikin orbiting the solar system!

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What I did not know though, which I learned from a PBS documentary, is that it is a substitute for a metal box that is usually used. I do know that Giga Nevada is very large, and I think I may have heard this before, but I did not quite know that it's the largest building on the planet! Of course I know about bioweapon defense listing safemoon, it's really become an underrated feature more recently, that Tesla always included years ago, and still include to listing safemoon date.

And of course I know where the name came from.

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Shall we continue, I wonder if anyone will read this! So okay, I'm ready to have my mind blown for the top ten!!! I know about most of the things in the workplace section, but I did learn listing safemoon listing safemoon handbook and how employees apparently have unlimited time off, so that's neat. Moving onto the money section: Gold plated Model S? The profit?

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Apple's just making phones, Tesla, mass producing cars, is on a whole other listing safemoon. Tesla being bought by Google would have been very interesting, definitely better than if it had been bought by Apple, but I bet Tesla is doing way better independently than it could ever do with an owner.

I know Elon has no salary, like all his money that makes him the richest man is in Tesla stock, which is why he's the richest one second and not listing safemoon next. Of course I know about Martin and Mark, and all his companies.

What you didn't know about Tesla.

Okay the top ten, listing safemoon goes! You can really sort of engineer the batteries themselves and how you listing safemoon them, unlike gasoline, where there's not really that much more listing safemoon can do. And like why even but the effort into attempting to further develop on that when you can work on EVs? Model C hype listing safemoon not the Model 2, so I call it C for compact, but we will see! Yup, Teslas are the safest cars on the road. Ooh, that last chart is neat, decent way of ending the video off.

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It's really because Tesla is not just a car company, but an AI company, an energy company, a solar company etc. Anyway thanks for reading this giant of a comment!

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TheOnlyName Victor Jesu lol thank you! Victor Jesu Prieš 2 mėnesius Man! You are too much, why not writ an article.

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I love your taste and approach I call it constructive criticism I love it to the core. Will they maintain servers?

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Tesla, John Deere, and most Cellphone manufacturers don't want us to repair anyting Peter Kay Prieš 4 mėnesius CookieAnimates "they're basically a software company too. Tyles Thank you for acknowledging Nicola Telsla's achievements. I subscribed, and my continued subscription requires you keep the cat for cameo appearances.

It gives us best experience James Thorogood Prieš 4 mėnesius They are cleverly designed that way.

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  8. What you didn't know about Tesla.

Notice how immediate they are too, no intro at all.